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ABC News

ABC News is consistently ranked as the most trusted source of news in Australia, but despite that it regularly attracts critics from both the left and the right who accuse it of bias.

At the same time, there are often serious questions raised about how well the ABC performs when it comes to delivering accurate, impartial and valued news at a regional, state, national and international level.

While defending the ABC from unfair attacks, the Alumni will also raise the concerns of its own members when it feels the ABC has fallen short of its charter responsibilities.

Australia’s defamation laws have had a significant chilling effect on investigative journalism in Australia. In an extended two-part essay, Alumni Chairman Jonathan Holmes teases out the issues. You can read part 1 here and part 2 here.

ABC Alumni has facilitated discussion and debate on the issues of balance, impartiality and opinion that often arise when critiques of ABC News are made.

Alumni also looked at the decision to create a new Ombudsman role at the ABC, and the impact that might have on editorial complaint handling.

Alumni has been arguing for some time now that there needs to be more attention given to state-based news and current affairs. This article pushes for the reintroduction of Stateline.