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We are former ABC employees and contracted media professionals who have helped to produce stories and programs for the ABC across all genres.

ABC Alumni:

  • Publicly advocates for the protection of the ABC’s independence and integrity
  • Provides analysis and information on the role and importance of the ABC
  • Campaigns for increased funding
  • Campaigns to increase quality Australian content on ABC TV, radio and digital platforms.
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The Albanese Government has not fixed the ABC's budget crisis

ABC Alumni believes that our precious national broadcaster is no longer able to do the job the Parliament has asked it to do – and only the Parliament can fix the problem. 

The ABC’s Charter requires it to deliver ‘programs that contribute to a sense of national identity, and inform and entertain, and reflect the cultural diversity of, the Australian community.’

As this research by Dr Michael Ward  of Sydney University demonstrates, ABC TV’s main channel now runs 40% fewer hours of first-run, non-news Australian-made screen content than it did ten years ago.  

Former ABC Director of Television Sandra Levy points out  that the cost of Australian-made programs – especially drama – is soaring.

Yet despite a temporary increase in 2022, the ABC’s budget is way lower, in real terms, than it was in 2013.

These are the hard Facts. We need to change them.

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