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ABC Independence

As a public broadcaster, it is essential that the independence and integrity of the ABC is defended against the regular threats against it, both from governments and from vested interests and competitors who have no desire to see a strong and independent public broadcaster.

ABC Alumni has been clear on its support for an ABC that is well protected against those who would seek to improperly influence or damage it.

Following its decision to change funding agreements with the ABC and SBS to 5-yearly rather than 3-yearly terms, the Albanese government announced a review of options to support the independence of both the ABC and SBS. ABC Alumni put in a substantial submission. You can read it here

There was a Senate inquiry in 2018 into allegations of political interference in the ABC. It released its report in 2019. The Alumni made two submissions, one dealing with the behaviour of the recently resigned Chair, Justin Milne, and the other with ABC funding.

In the lead up to the 2022 Federal Election, ABC Alumni produced this video responding to attacks on the ABC by the Institute of Public Affairs.