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ABC Funding

A well-funded and efficiently-run ABC is vital to Australia’s democracy. For at least 40 years, the ABC has endured funding cuts and freezes that have left it unable to properly fulfill its role as Australia’s most trusted and valued public broadcaster.

Over the years, ABC Alumni has consistently called for increased funding for the ABC, while also acknowledging that the budget needs to be spent on the core charter responsibilities of the ABC.

When the Albanese Government restored indexation to the ABC, the Alumni publicly welcomed the move, but warned that it was not enough to reverse decades of neglect. That message was repeated and reinforced when the 2023 budget was announced. 

At the heart of the Alumni campaign on the woeful state of the ABC budget is this key document - REBUILDING THE ABC

In the 2022 Federal Election campaign, ABC Alumni published this detailed and extensive analysis of the state of ABC funding and why it deserved more attention.

The Alumni also responded strongly to suggestions by the then Coalition Government in 2022 that it had not cut the ABC’s funding.

In 2018 serious questions were asked about whether the ABC’s government funding gave it a competitive advantage over fellow broadcasters. The inquiry into the issue gave the ABC a clean bill of health when it reported. Alumni made a submission which you can read here.